Who is POP CO-OP?

POP CO-OP is a group of four geographically dispersed musicians who focus on making the music they want to hear.  Steve Stoeckel is from Charlotte, NC. Bruce Gordon is from Los Angeles. Stacy Carson is from Orlando. And Joel Tinnel is from Northern Virginia. 

The band formed in 2016 as a result of Steve (Spongetones bassist) inviting friends on social media to collaborate in songwriting: Stoeckel threw out titles and music, asked for lyric snippets, assembled the snippets from contributors into full song lyrics, and recorded the song. Along the way, Stoeckel enlisted the guitar talents of Joel, who introduced him to Bruce (aka Mr. Encrypto). Gordon already had several CD's to his credit and subsequently introduced Stacy to the group.

The group had so much fun creating a first song together that they decided to form a band and release an entire album called Four State Solution. The effort was truly cooperative: each member wrote, recorded, engineered, produced, and mixed these 12 songs in every combination. "POP CO-OP" was the obvious band name.  After cutting a few singles, they followed up in April 2020 with their second album, Factory Settings. The group is now working on their third album.