Steve Stoeckel

Photo © Laura S. Tinnel, used by permission.


I began playing guitar at age 10. My first influence was Peter, Paul and Mary -- I was a folkie. The Beatles changed my direction immediately; after hearing Sgt. Pepper's, I became a bassist, and learned all the British Invasion stuff. My first band was Eros, followed by a country rock band called Sassafras. There were a series of other top 40 bands during the 70's, followed by what was to be a one night stand with a band we formed as an afterthought: The Spongetones. The Spongetones recorded 9 albums and EPs during the 1980's, 1990's, and 2000's and were inducted into the Power Pop Hall of Fame in 2017. We still gig after nearly 40 years. I have also released 4 CD's with fellow Spongetone Jamie Hoover under the name Jamie and Steve.

In addition to the Beatles, my influences include: XTC, Squeeze, Rockpile, Elvis Costello -- anything, really that's well-crafted with good melodies and smart lyrics.

I'm retired from my day gig of music electronics where I repaired keyboards and amplifiers, including vintage tube guitar amps. I live in Charlotte, NC.