“A pop-and-rock ‘n’ roller of the catchiest order. Sweet." -- Alan Haber, Pure Pop Radio

"There are more than a few highlights: the Stonesy rocker Feint of Heart, the sweet Forgotten Secrets and A Trick of the Light and the spiffy Malaprop Girl are all choice cuts" -- John Borack, Goldmine


She's just the kind of a girl now
Who’s got a way with words now
They tumble in and out and turn a-round
And go back again
And when she says "Do you love me

Are you enameled of me?"
I tell her "yes", she says "well That makes it anonymous!"
And I don't know where she gets just what she's got
But it makes me smile each time I remember what I thought
When my Jenny say what?

She says that love is infernal
A never ending journal
As constant as the swallows that fly home to cappuccino now
She's been searching so far for a knight in shining armoire
She'll be his Joliet, and he will be her rodeo
I like the way she looks at life and loves a lot
Even though sometimes she's clear, sometimes she's not
When my Jenny say what?

Jenny in her malapropy jalopy
driving in circles again
Every time she opens her mouth
she sets my head in a spin.

She wants a ceremony
of holy acrimony
exchanging sacred vowels, and then we'll be insufferable
We'll live heavily ever after
inside our laughter
and then a child or two would only make our love concrete?

there's not a thing she says that would make me love her less . . .
I won't be confused or care what else she says
if my Jenny say yes

Music: Stoeckel
Lyrics: StoeckelL. TinnelTinnel, K. J. Firestone, L. Dillon, E. Racz, Gordon
Lead vocals: R. Firestone, GordonGordon, E. Racz, StoeckelTinnelL. Tinnel
Electric Guitar: Tinnel
Acoustic Guitar: Stoeckel
Bass: Stoeckel
Drums: Carson
Mix: Tinnel