"Music Hall was always part of the British pop psyche; that’s a characteristic which sets it apart form its North American counterpart. But Stoeckel is happily immersed in those influences with “In Love With Nonsense.” Some judiciously well-placed horn work makes the song even better. And for those with a deep love of wordplay, this song will delight." -- Bill Kopp, Musoscribe, contributing editor at Goldmine: The Collectors Record and CD Marketplace, and Jazz & Prog Editor at BLURT magazine.

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Radio Free Americana

  Futureman Records


I’m giving up on thinking hard and losing sleep
And making sense of each and every rule
Too tired to keep my head up when the water’s deep
All the world’s a stooge and I’m its newest fool

Lovely letting logic end
Nonsense is my friend

Giddy with anticipation of pure bliss
The peacefulness surrendering allows
The warm embrace, the happy face, the mindless kiss
As I take my final foolish vows

Marching in the fool’s parade
Motley masquerade

Captain of the Fool’s Brigade
Witless promenade

We’ll all rejoice at Hobson’s choice and sing out our decree
Hoist the scepter with the jester’s jewel
Follow footsteps in the streets, cobbled with debris
All the world’s a stooge and I’m its newest fool
Its newest fool

Music: Stoeckel
Lyrics: Stoeckel

Stoeckel: lead vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo, keyboards, bass
Gordon: backing vocals, vocal arrangement
Carson: drums
Tinnel: electric guitar
Phil Thompson: clarinet Doug Burns: trumpet

Mix: Stoeckel