"gentle acoustic guitar-and-woodblock number... Flashes of baroque pop (see also: The Left Banke) add to the song’s arty character, but again, accessibility" -- Bill Kopp, Musoscribe, contributing editor at Goldmine: The Collectors Record and CD Marketplace, and Jazz & Prog Editor at BLURT magazine.

"McCartney-like musings of age" - Power Popaholic

Radio Play

World premier on
The Music Authority, with Jim Prell


  Futureman Records


The world seems fair, the sun still shines
Until the day you wake to find that you’re
The odd one
The strange one
Unseen one
Replaced one

You’re out of time, one frame removed
You watch your life, run the film from the booth and see
The odd one
Pretend one
Unsung one
The no one

Where are you, my fate? Show me my part
Please, don’t make me wait for the ghost of a heart

The world returns just what it will
(Can you hear me?)
Crumbs of clues, answers left to fill
(Can you see me?)
Are you the odd one?
The strange one
Unsung one
The someone

Music: Tinnel
Lyrics: Tinnel/Stoeckel

Stoeckel: lead vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards, bass
Gordon: backing vocals, vocal arrangement
Carson: drums
Tinnel: electric guitar, acoustic guitar

Mix: Stoeckel