"There are more than a few highlights: the Stonesy rocker Feint of Heart, the sweet Forgotten Secrets and A Trick of the Light and the spiffy Malaprop Girl are all choice cuts" -- John Borack, Goldmine

10th most played song for 2017 on the This is Rock 'n' Roll Radio with Dana and Carl radio show on SPARK! Syracuse.


She slips on her mask assumes her position
one arm up, the other pointed straight at my chest
my guard is up and I feel the movement in the air

And after all these years I can't guess her intention
Haven't got a clue but I always try my best
To anticipate her move but when I turn around she's never there

Love is hard
Shouldn't keep us apart
It's not for the feint of heart

Every night's like a summons, every day is like a duel
And everyone around me tells me that I'm just a fool
For giving my attention and wasting my affection
On a woman who can be so cruel

Love is hard
If you can't play the part
You shouldn't even start
It's not for the feint of heart

Every time I think of leaving all these battles way behind
and what's the price I'd have to pay to buy some peace of mind
she takes my hand, puts it to her face takes me to the place where I find

Love is hard
Right from the start
It's not for the feint of heart

Music: Stoeckel
Lyrics: Stoeckel
Lead vocals: Gordon
Backing vocals: GordonStoeckel
Countoff: E. Racz
Electric Guitar: Tinnel
Acoustic Guitar: Stoeckel
Bass: Stoeckel
Drums: Carson
Tambourine: Stoeckel
Claps: Pop Co-Op, A. Tinnel
Mix: Tinnel