"There are more than a few highlights: the Stonesy rocker Feint of Heart, the sweet Forgotten Secrets and A Trick of the Light and the spiffy Malaprop Girl are all choice cuts" -- John Borack, Goldmine


If I ever told you What you asked me
Something tells me I'd remember
What I’m holding down

As I stand here looking back A certain fact is making me
Feel tender You can’t hold me now

Lighting the dark was the spark of our secret No longer bright in
light of who we are
In the day

Talking to my other half
She starts to laugh She doesn’t know
The last words That I said to you

What were those words I said to you I never said those words to you

Music: Stoeckel
Lyrics: CarsonGordon
Lead vocals: Stoeckel
Backing vocals: Gordon
Acoustic Guitar: StoeckelTinnel
Bass: Stoeckel
Drums: Carson
Percussion: Carson
Mix: Stoeckel