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Debuted on
The Rodney Bingenheimer Show,
which airs on the Little Steven's Underground Garage 
on Sirius XM.


I'm sorry about your birthday
I never thought they'd spell your name with a 'k'
And then two 'y's
I guess it wasn't wise of me
To order cake by phone
Another sin to be atoned

I'm sorry about the weekend
Your friends all said they'd be along by 8
I said that's great
We'll wait until you get there
We won't start without you
But there's no doubt about it, that

I let you down again
We know it's true, it's what I do, and
I made you frown again
But here's one thing I bet you never knew

If everything was easy, I'd be you

Caught in the comfort of a world so neatly planned
coloring outside the lines is more than you can stand

I'm sorry 'bout your life
The lovely movie with the perfect end
It's all pretend
I thought that I might bend your will
And overcome your doubt

But the only thing I'm right about is

I won't let you down again
My best will never pass your test
I won't make you frown again
Be happy for me now that
I found the simple truth:
If loving you was easy, I'd be you

Music: Tinnel
Lyrics: Tinnel
Lead vocals: Stoeckel
Backing vocals: Gordon
Electric Guitar: Tinnel
Acoustic Guitar: Stoeckel
Bass: Stoeckel
Organ: Stoeckel
Drums: Carson
Mix: Carson