Debuted September 17, 2017 on the Rodney Bingenheimer Show, which airs on the Little Steven's Underground Garage channel on Sirius XM.

It Ain’t Easy Being a Boy is right out of the Spongetones playbook. Catchy as all get-go and a sure-fire hit with power pop fans, the song is a great way to end the disc and leave people wanting more." -- Richard Rossi, Power Pop News

"Who-like It Ain’t Easy Being a Boy easily the best thing here." -- John Borack, Goldmine


When I first came into this world
And got my first look at a girl
It didn’t take long to understand
It ain’t easy being a boy

And all through my teenage years
They held my doubts and deepest fears
In softest silken golden hands
It ain’t easy being a boy

Girls hold the mystery the secret book of codes
Boys can’t read the signs beside the road

Girls are the riddle, leaving clues like crumbs behind
Boys blunder through the brush clueless and blind

When girls first come into this world
Slowly spinning hair uncurled
Sweetly smiling, making sure

It ain’t easy being a boy

Music: Stoeckel
Lyrics: Stoeckel
Lead vocals: Stoeckel, R. Firestone
Backing vocals: GordonStoeckel
Electric Guitar: GordonStoeckelTinnel
Acoustic Guitar: StoeckelTinnel
Bass: Stoeckel
Piano: A. TinnelGordon
Drums: Carson
Handclaps: StoeckelTinnelA. TinnelL. Tinnel
Mix: Stoeckel