“Co-written by Stoekel and Tinnel, this slice of Revolver era Beatles employs some of the same elements that made The Beatles the pioneers of psych-pop that they were (ya just gotta love those backward guitars!). It reminds me of my first time I heard XTC‘s Apple Venus. I had to catch my breath after listening to it." -- Richard Rossi, Power Pop News


Listening for Lila, thinking I hear her voice now in the room
Echoes of anger, words that linger in the air now, like sad perfume
Waiting so hard for any sound to appear
The forest is empty, the tree is down, and there's no one left to hear

Looking for Lila, finding her face in everywhere that I turned
Sealing my sadness pockets of paper, a prize to be earned
"Worst lead, worst play, and the winner is . . ."
Stands as the crowd turns -- stabbed by the spotlight, the moment is his

Memorizing every single word that was wrong
Trading my mistakes for the foolishness of a song

Laughing with Lila, breathing her in as the smiles melt her face
Pictures I left much too long in the tray now begin to erase
Try as I might to make them persist
Light spills the dark room
They cease to exist

Music: Tinnel
Lyrics: Stoeckel
Lead vocals: Stoeckel
Backing vocals: Gordon
Electric Guitar: Tinnel
Acoustic Guitar: Stoeckel
Bass: Stoeckel
Keyboards: Stoeckel
Drums: Carson
Percussion: Carson
Tambourine: Stoeckel
Mix: Tinnel