Radio Premiers

WERA 96.7, Arlington, VA, 5/5/2020
"'King of Weightless' suggests what happens when progressive rock ideas are put into the pop idiom." -- Bill Kopp, Musoscribe, contributing editor at Goldmine: The Collectors Record and CD Marketplace, and Jazz & Prog Editor at BLURT magazine.

"King of Weightless" is a highlight; it's quirky and cool. -- John Borack, Goldmine Magazine

A favorite -- LMNOP aka dONW7, Babysue

In regular rotation on WERA 96.7 FM, Arlington, VA


Don’t try to tie me to your fate
Strapped to the chair, I don’t care to travel second rate
Breaking my bonds, I disintegrate 
Drifting away you can’t say I’m not the King of

Weightless - such a beautiful soul 
Weightless - be a part of the whole  
Weightless - cast your eyes to the sky
Never bother with the ethereal ‘why’

Lift up your head and you’ll find me here
Slipped free and floating above the Northern hemisphere         
Cat’s grin the last to disappear
The Red Queen arrives and is beating the King of 

Weightless - screaming off with my head
Weightless - I arise from the dread
Weightless - I look up from my play
As I snip the thread and fly away

Weightless - free from your heavy hand
Weightless - leave my feet as they stand
Weightless - heaven’s light on my face
Falling up into ever-expanding space

Music: Carson
Lyrics: Carson, Stoeckel, Gordon

Stoeckel: backing vocals, bass
Gordon: lead and backing vocals
Carson: backing vocals, keyboards, drums
Tinnel: electric guitar

Mix: Carson