Premiered on This is Rock 'n' Roll Radio, Spark! Syracuse  WSPJ 103.3 & 93.7 FM, Suracuse, NY on 3/8/2020 and finished 2020 as the 49th most played track.

"Riding high on a hard rocking bender, 'The Price of Admission' roars with wicked guitar action and pounding percussion " -- Beverly Paterson, Something Else Reviews

"'Price of Admission', an incredibly clever song that kicks ass harder than a cross-eyed Rockette (as my friend Lord Carrett is fond of saying). If these guys were to play live, this is the song that would bring the house down." Richard Rossi, Powerpop News

"The Price of Admission" is a "standout track." "Big, swaggering guitars and carefully-placed 'Whoo-hoo!' backing vocal choruses are the order of the day here." -- Bill Kopp, Musoscribe, contributing editor at Goldmine: The Collectors Record and CD Marketplace, and Jazz & Prog Editor at BLURT magazine.

"The Price of Admission" is an album highlight. -- Aaron Kupferberg, Power Popaholic

"The Price of Admission" is a clear genre-diverse winner. -- Rock Is The New Rol


Look at you now, lookin’ new now, all dressed up for confessing
Tell me the truth now, 
come in the booth now, for me to give you my blessing
Let’s begin, tell me your sin, let me know how you did me
It’s off your chest, you’ll get your rest, when you outbid me
You’re clear, my dear, 
Thanks for your contrition
Your relief, stole like a thief
That’s the price of admission

What‘s that you say, now? What should you pay now? 
How much should I extract? 
To clear the book, get you off the hook, and keep your conscience intact?
Some sympathy from me for the way that you feel
What's the bail to tip the scale helping you to heal
What's the sum it takes to numb
Your sad condition, hot here, my dear
That’s the price of admission 

You didn’t start out to rip my heart out, but you know that you thought it
It was just what you meant, 
this was no accident, but you broke it you bought it
So take your stand, play your hand, and I’ll call your bluff now
Roll the dice, pay the price, 
but you’re not tall enough to ride this ride or justify your position
Too late to compensate
That’s the price of admission
Mmm, the price of admission

Music: Stoeckel
Lyrics: Stoeckel, Gordon, Carson, Tinnel

Stoeckel: lead vocals, electric guitar, bass
Gordon: backing vocals
Carson: drums
Tinnel: electric guitar
(Guest) Alexander Tinnel: piano

Mix: Stoeckel