Radio Premiers

The Plastico Elastico Radio Show, Spain, 4/27/2020
"If you surreptitiously slipped 'Underworld' onto any Police record, it would be among the best tracks on that record." -- Carl Cafarelli, This is Rock 'n' Roll Radio and former Goldmine Magazine contributor.

"'Underworld' has a Police/Sting vibe and all the earmarks of an 80’s radio hit. Joel Tinnel’s guitar work is absolutely savage here. -- Richard Rossi, Powerpop News

"'Underworld' is a soaring power pop track redolent of the Producers. Its searing lead guitar solo makes the track even more memorable." -- Bill Kopp, Musoscribe, contributing editor at Goldmine: The Collectors Record and CD Marketplace, and Jazz & Prog Editor at BLURT magazine.

"Big and powerful, the psychedelic-scented 'Underworld' trembles and explodes with bewitching guitar riffage." -- Beverly Paterson, Something Else Reviews

A favorite. -- LMNOP aka dONW7, Babysue

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When you say you need me
It feels just like a shadow play
And when you starve and bleed me
Although it’s madness, it only makes me stay

I’m living in this underworld
Battered by your cruelest intention
And when it’s springtime overhead 
I’m banished to this darkest dimension - Underworld

I can’t stand forever
And I can’t leave your side
And when you’re cold and clever
I’d dive into the sun just to save my pride

I’m living in this underworld
Banished to a never ending distance
And when it’s springtime overhead
I’m trapped here in these fields of nonexistence - Underworld

Every day my ruination
Beckons me with your sweet smile
Siren song I can’t ignore
Shipwrecked on your distant shore
Never gonna reach my Blessed Isle

A tiny world, born in passion
A singularity of lust
But the center could not hold
It crumbled to extinction in the shattering of trust

I’m living in this underworld
Wished into a well of suffering
And when it’s springtime overhead
I’m harvesting this season of nothing
Underworld, underworld

Here comes Persephone
She’ll be the death of me

Music: Stoeckel, Carson, Gordon
Lyrics: Gordon, Tinnel, Carson, Stoeckel,  

Stoeckel: lead vocals, bass
Gordon: backing vocals
Carson: backing vocals, drums
Tinnel: backing vocals, electric guitar

Mix: Carson
Underworld cover art: Arn McConnell