"Catching Light" is a stand out track. "It may well be the strongest tune on the record, reminiscent a bit of Oh Yeah! era Spongetones yet never explicitly aping that group’s sound." -- Bill Kopp, Musoscribe, contributing editor at Goldmine: The Collectors Record and CD Marketplace, and Jazz & Prog Editor at BLURT magazine.

"'Catching Light' is a delightfully bouncy bit of Hollies style pop and perhaps the best single so far this year. Listen to Steve Stoeckel’s vocal inflections on this one, placing emphasis or adding pauses where it’s most effective. You simply can’t sing a song better than this one. " -- Richard Rossi, Powerpop News

"Catching Light' finds the band channeling their unwavering love for the finely-tuned stylings of both the ’60s British Invasion pop groups and select new-wave artists." -- Beverly Paterson, Something Else Reviews


Sunbeam shine, shadow beside me, holding my hand
Makes no sound, walking on air, not touching the land 
I’m shedding my alter ego, no armor to slow me down
Invincible superhero, ten steps to the speed of sound 

Pain rains hard, breaks me in two, soaking my smile
Feel sharp ground, the stone in my shoe with every mile 
Seeing the sky crack open,  watching my courage drown 
Looking behind me, seeing steps of a circus clown

Weather will always exist
If I do or don’t
And who am I to resist
If I will or won’t? 

Slow glass moving, moment to moment, not looking back 
Sun, wind, rain, over my shoulder, slung in a sack
Now quiet the clouds inside me
Now follow the peace I found
Now going where signs will guide me  
Now standing on higher ground

Music: Stoeckel
Lyrics: StoeckelCarson 

Stoeckel: lead vocals, acoustic guitar, bass
Gordon: lead and backing vocals, steel drums
Carson: drums
Tinnel: electric guitar

Mix: Carson