"'Keen To Be Near You' is a soft, Jane Austin-inspired ballad with lovely touches of mandolin and a vocal by Stoeckel that will melt even the hardest of hearts." -- Dan Pavelich, Popalooza


Like the tumbling of leaves in a warm autumn breeze
My thoughts make their way to your laughter
And the promise of sun in the dark before dawn 
Calls me home to the love that I’m after

Like the space in between every beat of my heart
Gets smaller and lighter and dearer
Like the comet that’s pulled by the orbit of the Earth, I am
Keen to be near you.
Ever keen to be near you.

At the first rose of day, the last evening grey 
And every color in between
As the tinder and spark, the arrow and the mark
The song and the lark that play when you have found your way here

Like the bending of trees in a warm summer breeze…
My head turns to seek out your shoulder…

Like persistence of wings flying home across the sea
There’s a comforting cadence in the song of you and me
And the grace that shines bright is no trick of the light
It is clear – that I am
Keen to be near you.
Keen to be near you.

Music: Carson
Lyrics: Carson

Stoeckel: lead vocals, bass
Gordon: backing vocals
Carson: keyboards, drums
Tinnel: acoustic guitar, mandolin
(Guest) Alexander Tinnel: piano

Mix: Carson