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World premier on
This is Rock 'n Roll Radio with Dana and Carl (Archive),
Spark Syracuse! WSPJ 103.3 and 93.7 FM
Syracuse, NY, 5/29/2022

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Radio Free Americana

  Futureman Records


Suspension! Just above you, floating, touching in the air
Losing myself in your eyes' electric stare
Gently draw my fingers over softness of your face
Drowning in the seas of our only first embrace

And Wonders never cease
Waiting for tension
Waiting for tension's release

Grace notes soft descending, brushing back your hair
Wordless conversation; lingers in the air
Listen to the echoes fading, drifting to the ground
Suspended in the moment, magic stillness in the sound

Music: Stoeckel
Lyrics: Stoeckel/Gordon

Stoeckel: lead vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards, bass
Gordon: backing vocals, vocal arrangement
Carson: drums
Tinnel: electric guitar

Mix: Stoeckel